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Prestige Business Coaching


With the failure rate for businesses in the U.K. running in excess of 50%, business coaching and mentoring can be highly effective –  the success rate can be boosted to greater than 90%, almost eliminating failure.

Of the businesses that don’t fail, many of these are struggling to make a decent profit and business coaching and mentoring can be effective here, too. In many cases, sales and profits can be driven up, significantly.

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There Are 5 Ways That Prestige Business Coaching Can Create Success

There are 5 ways that Robert at Prestige Business Coaching can create success for your business:-

  1. The easiest and best way to succeed in business is to copy someone who has already created great success – Robert can show the ways that succeed in business and will steer you away from the ways that create failure.
  2. Having the right strategy in business is key to success and Robert will ensure that you create the strategy that is right for your business and that you execute it right and effectively.
  3. Drive is crucial for success and Robert will keep pushing you to achieve your strategy.
  4. Thinking right and smart is paramount for success and Robert will show you how to think in a different, but highly effective and creative way that brings results.
  5. Business can be lonely and with Robert working with you, you will have someone who can be with you all the way on the long journey.

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£4k Monthly Loss To £2k Monthly Profit In Just 5 Months 

When Prestige Business Coaching was invited to help Devon C Air Ltd. in May 2010, the business was losing approximately £4,000 per month and was probably heading for insolvency. By October 2010, this loss had been converted to a sustainable monthly profit in excess of approximately £2,000.

Devon C Air Ltd was started in 2008, offering care in the home to the elderly and the disabled. Alessandra Ruocco, the director of the company had extensive experience in offering superb service, but lacked the experience and knowledge of how to run a business for profit. 

The Company Was Suffering Many Problems

The company was suffering many of the problems, common to new businesses; costs, particularly employment costs were too high, margins were too low and the rate of growth was too great.

All parts of the business were investigated and many changes were made, including the introduction of new staff contracts that allowed staff costs to be reduced dramatically. Other costs were eliminated or reduced, decreasing significantly the overall cost base.

Many of the company’s clients were not generating sufficient gross profit and this was urgently addressed; by re-appraising how clients were serviced, servicing costs were reduced, boosting margins significantly.

Growth had been too rapid and this had burdened the company with high costs; growth was rained in, while the business was consolidated. Once the business was in profit, the business was allowed to grow at a controllable and sustainable organic rate, mainly based on ‘word of mouth’, as result of the excellent product, the company offered.

Alessandra Ruocco Was Coached On How To Run A Business

Prestige Business Coaching also coached Alessandra Ruocco, the Company Director, on how to run the business for profit.  In a comparatively short period of time, she learned how to control the finances of her business and how to create a good profit. The coaching also involved showing her a different way of thinking about her business; this allowed her to think in a more analytical and smart way about her business.

Changes were made

Alessandra Ruocco had a great passion for her business. She had absorbed all the advice given to her and had been prepared to make the necessary changes, required.

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That has been the key to this success story. Business coaching only works if those, receiving it, are prepared to absorb the advice, and make the necessary changes to their businesses.

Alessandra Now Is Highly Competent & Proficient

Now in 2016, the business is thriving and Alessandra Ruocco has turned into a highly competent and proficient business lady and I am extremely proud of what we achieved together  –  I have coached many people in my career, but Alessandra Ruocco is my biggest coaching success to date.

Alessandra Ruocco of Devooncair Ltd

Robert Can Help You, Too

Whether you are starting a new business or are already trading, Robert can help you. He can offer a very cost effective bespoke program to suit you and your business.

Please contact him on for a confidential, non committal discussion.

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