What Can Business Learn From Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign?

Business can copy Donald Trump's mindset and marketing from the Presidential campaign

Love or hate him, Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the USA.

His campaign was very controversial, but when I analyze it, I see why he won and I have identified two very powerful aspects that brought him success:-

1. Attitude & Mindset
2. Marketing

Put together, I think both collectively were the two main reasons why he won the race and business owners can learn from both.

For the first aspect, Donald Trump demonstrated a massively strong positive attitude and mindset that made him really bullish. The backbone to his mindset was his intense belief in what he was doing and he not only believed he would win but he expected victory too.

From this, massive determination, persistence, passion and optimism were all created and these were his big drivers to keep him going. Frequently, he incurred setbacks and, a number of times, pundits wrote him off, but he kept bouncing back, demonstrating grit and resilience to keep going.

If you are to be successful in business, you need the same attitude and mindset; and the stronger and the more positive your attitude, the more successful you can be. You need belief in your ability and your eventual success and you need determination, persistence, passion and optimism to drive you forward. Also importantly, on the road to success, there will be setbacks and resilience and the ability to bounce back quickly is paramount to keep going.

For the second aspect, I think Donald Trump demonstrated a master class in marketing. He knew exactly the group of people that he was targeting and what they thought and what they wanted.

This group were the workers of America, as he kept calling them, and he knew how much they wanted change and how worried they were about jobs; as one CNBC commentator said a week for the election and I quote “This election is all about Jobs, Jobs and Jobs”

Trump knew how worried people were – worried about how many jobs had gone abroad, worried about how many jobs had been taken by immigrants and worried about how many jobs had been lost by industries closing. He also knew wages were depressed and morale was low and detected their anger about being ‘forgotten’.

He understood how they felt and what they were thinking and he told them that he understood this; he told them what they wanted to hear, but he went further – he told them what he would deliver for them and he told them what the benefits would be, if he was elected – namely, “action on jobs”

Donald Trump is a businessman and he used marketing to get to the White House. Marketing is about communicating the right message to the right people and he executed this perfectly.

Business owners must do the same if they want their marketing to work – they must know who their target customers are and they must comprehensively understand everything about them and, very importantly, understand what they want to hear and what benefits they want.

Many marketers do not have a good enough knowledge and understanding of their targets and they don’t focus enough on the benefits that customers can derive from their products or services; many businesses market the products rather than the benefit.

Only an intense knowledge and understanding of your targets and a good understanding of the benefits your targets need and communicating this in the right way will drive effective marketing.
Think about your attitude and your mindset and think about your marketing and think how you can ‘trump’ your business!

Business can copy Donald Trump's mindset and marketing from the Presidential campaign


Article Written By Robert Viney – successful entrepreneur for 30 years and business coach for 15 years

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8 Ways For Overcoming The Fear Of Failure



The Fear Of Failure Is Very Common & It Can Be Very Disabling, Holding Entrepreneurs Back.      But It Can Be Beaten & In This Article, I Describe 8 Ways For Overcoming The Fear Of Failure.

If The Fear Of Failure Is Holding You Back, Please Read On

The fear of failure in business is very common and it can prevent people who run businesses from moving forward. It is usually a state of mind that can be very immobilizing, preventing us from stepping outside our comfort zones into the unknown, leaving us saying:

“I Can’t Do This”

This can manifest itself in someone fearing failure by feeling physically stressed and anxious and thinking: “I CAN’T DO THIS”

By Changing Things, People Think They Risk Failure

Those experiencing FEAR OF FAILURE think that by changing things, they risk failure  –  they think that any changes made may have a negative effect and not work, making their present situation worse, so they decide to maintain the status quo.

For many business owners, they find they cannot step outside their comfort zones to achieve actions within the business to move it forward, thus restricting business success; they feel comfortable within their COMFORT ZONES and don’t feel like venturing outside.

Overcoming The Fear Of Failure Is Very Possible By Changing How You Think & Act

Overcoming the fear of failure is very possible by changing how you think and how you act and many have done it and I am sure you can, too.

8 Ways To Beat the Fear Of failure, prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk/blog

The Subconscious Mind Is Programmed To Protect Us

The subconscious part of our brains are programmed to protect us when there is danger; if you have a fear of spiders, for instance, your subconscious mind acts to protect you when you see a spider by spontaneously moving you away from the ‘danger’ of the spider.

Many of us have fear phobias – it could be the fear of heights, water, enclosed spaces – there are so many.  But our subconscious minds are there to protect us against these instinctively without us consciously thinking about them, when we are faced with such ‘dangers’

For us in business, a fear phobia can manifest itself as a ‘fear of failure’. Those that experience this fear phobia have a subconscious mind that is protecting them from failure in their business and this prevents them doing anything that means them taking action that they are not confident about and are not comfortable about.  In other words, their subconscious minds are preventing these people to ‘step outside their comfort zones’

Very often these people decide that they cannot take certain actions to move their businesses to higher levels in case the actions don’t work and their businesses are damaged or even fail and the result is to take their business backwards rather than forwards.  They decide to not take the action and keep their business in the space it already occupies.

The danger here is that any business that tries to stand still often ends up going backwards, because there is no innovation or creativity happening within the business.

Sometimes a previous failure or set-back can prevent someone from trying again as they fear the same outcome.

Different people have different reasons for the FEAR OF FAILURE becoming a handicap to business development.  Whatever the reason, the fear of failure is one of the biggest reasons for failure in business –  businesses that do not move forward ultimately end up going backwards and declining and it can often be the FEAR OF FAILURE of the business owner that can create this situation.

It Is Possible To Beat The Fear Of Failure

But it is possible to beat the fear of failure and here are EIGHT ways to do this:-

  1. Try to analyze your own fear inside your mind – try to see where it originated – Ask yourself if you are, for instance, worried about losing money or ‘face’ in your business? If you lost some money, would it be the end of the world and if it is ‘face’, does it matter what people think about you – the chances are they won’t think as badly about your situation, as you think they will.  Make a list of the things that create your FEAR and try to focus on the main reasons for your fear; try to understand them and try to accept that they are not important and that you should not be worried about them.
  2. Break down what you wish to achieve into ‘chunks’ – if, for instance, you wish to grow your business, there may be several ways that you wish to do this. You might want to launch a new product or several products or sell into new markets, say. Rather than trying to do everything at once, select ONE thing to do, set that as your ONE objective and concentrate on that. Very often business owners try to do too many things at once and get overwhelmed.
  3. Analyze your one objective  –  you should analyze how you will achieve your ONE objective. You should break your objective down into small goals that when put together will achieve your ONE objective. By doing this, you are focusing on the small goals rather than the overall objective, which should be less daunting.
  4. Set a strategy   –  having set your small goals, you should then create a separate strategy for each goal and use that to achieve each goal. As you achieve your separate goals, your confidence should grow along with the belief that your ONE objective is possible.
  5. You should quantify the benefits of attaining your ONE objective to your business  –   this could be a rise in profits, such as a 10% increase in your net profit.  Think how it will feel to have more profit in the business and what benefits there would be.  You should also look at the downside, if you don’t achieve your objective. One way to think about growth is to think that you have nothing to lose – if the ONE objective is not achieved, your business will be no worse off, but if you do achieve it, you could substantially improve your business finances.
  6. Think about learning – even if you fail in your ONE objective, you should learn much from the process and possibly about yourself. It is impossible to go through life without some failure and setbacks – the most successful of entrepreneurs have had many failures (Richard Branson is a good example) but every one of the most successful entrepreneurs has learned from the process and has used that new knowledge to try again. You should think that failure is part of succeeding and that you must first fail in order to ultimately succeed.
  7. Try to think positive about your ONE objective  –  keep saying to yourself “I CAN DO THIS” and say it over and over again. You should say or think this especially at times when you feel the fear or you feel negative about your business.
  8. Try to imagine how you will feel when you have achieved your ONE objective – almost certainly it will give you a huge confidence boost and enhance your well being and happiness.  Try to imagine or visualize how you will feel, having beaten your ‘fear’ and having achieved your goals and objective.  You should feel really good.   Think that you want that feeling and that you will only achieve it, if you beat the FEAR OF FAILURE.

I Had The Fear Of Failure When I Started

When I started my first business, I had the fear of failure and I overcame this by doing what I have suggested above, here, and if you have the same fear, the above could work for you, too. It will take a little time but be patient with yourself and let it happen gradually, but never give up.

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Is your mindset holding you back?

You Must Change The Way You Act


You Must Change The Way You Act.


This is why the top 10% achieve far greater SUCCESS than the 90%.


These ACTIONS then deliver results that add CUSTOMER NUMBERS, SALES and PROFITS etc. over time to their businesses. But because the top 10% have spent QUALITY TIME on QUALITY SMART BUSINESS THINKING, most, if not all, of their ACTIONS are RIGHT for their businesses and their actions deliver the RIGHT RESULTS for their businesses.

The Smart Business Actions Are Innovative & Creative


Their SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS are then always creating ways to build and maintain an army of loyal and happy customers, that their products are always in great demand and that they always keep ahead of the competition, amongst other things.

The Top 10% Make Decisions

The top 10% make DECISIONS very quickly and they always attach goals to each DECISION and create a STRATEGY for implementation. By doing so, each DECISION is ACTIONED QUICKLY and in the RIGHT WAY.

The Top 10% Are Achievers & Don’t Procrastinate

Once the top 10% make a DECISION, it is implemented –  they work with URGENCY and don’t DELAY or PROCRASTINATE as they know DELAY is MONEY.

The Top 10% Always Measure Progress

The top 10% always MONITOR and MEASURE PROGRESS with all their SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS. If things are not progressing RIGHT in accordance with their STRATEGY, they are never afraid or slow to change or modify the strategy.

The Top 10% Are Always More Organized

The top 10% are always MORE ORGANIZED in their lives and their businesses and this leads to greater EFFICIENCY & EFFECTIVENESS. This means that they can achieve MUCH MORE with less effort and in less time than one of the 90%.

The Top 10% Are Usually Less Stressed And More Happy

As a result of being more ORGANIZED and more EFFICIENT, generally the top 10% are less STRESSED and are more HAPPY and this is important –  STRESS and UNHAPPINESS can affect your health significantly.  Also HAPPY businesses always trade better and if the boss is happy, then so should the rest of the business be happy, too!

This Is A Rough Snapshot

This is a rough snap-shot into how effective SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS can be. But, it is important to realize that they will only be primarily SMART as a result of having acquired a STRONG POSITIVE BUSINESS MIND and a STRONG POSITIVE ATTITUDE and from using the POWER OF THOUGHT and SMART BUSINESS THINKING.

Generally the stronger your BUSINESS MIND and the better your SMART BUSINESS THINKING and the more time that you can devote to it, the better your SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS will be, the better your business will trade and the greater your success will be.

There is plenty more on this site regarding SMART BUSINESS ACTIONS.


If you wish to discuss this further with me, please email me at Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk

You Must Change The Way You Think


You Must Change The Way You Think.

The 10% most successful entrepreneurs always devote at least 90 minutes of each day to have quality ‘THINKING TIME’ – here, they will think about growing their customers numbers, sales and profits and generally driving their businesses forward.  Such thinking is imperative, if a business is not to stagnate or become mediocre.

It is very easy to get bogged down with the ‘day to day’ running of a business –  then it becomes very difficult to have time to think about how to grow a business.  This is what the majority of the 90% experience.

When I visit such businesses, I constantly hear “I have not got time…” These businesses would have time, if they were better organised, more efficient and better disciplined.  The top 10% are supremely well organized and disciplined that they can find this ‘THINKING TIME’ and, because of this, their businesses are constantly being driven forward.

But the THINKING for the top 10% is also DIFFERENT in several ways.

Fundamental to all their THINKING, they have the POWER OF THOUGHT –  this is the ENGINE that drives the THINKING PROCESS.  Napoloen Hill in his best selling 1939 book ‘THINK & GROW RICH’ says that “YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT”

What he says is right and many people have done just what he has described –  they have decided they will become ‘RICH’ and through THINKING have achieved it.

The process is called PROGRAMMING THE MIND and I described briefly how it works in my article ‘Create A Strong Positive Business Mind & Mental Attitude’, if you have not read it, I strongly suggest you do.

Once you have PROGRAMMED YOUR MIND to think that you will become RICH, your THINKING will change and you will start to THINK DIFFERENTLY in the way that the top 10% THINK.

In particular, the THINKING of the top 10% is different in TWO WAYS:-


In short, their THINKING is VERY CREATIVE, VERY ANALYTICAL and VERY INNOVATIVE and they THINK ‘OUTSIDE THE BOX’ –  they will dissect everything within their businesses and analyse everything in the greatest of detail.

Let me give you some examples of where their THINKING is different to the 90%.


Their THINKING about customers is very different –  they THINK that without customers they have no business and no profits, so they design their whole business around the wants and needs of their customers.  They set out to know exactly who their target customers are and, through that knowledge, they understand exactly what their customers want and need from their business and match exactly their products to those wants and needs.

They will even go further and try and understand the psychology of their customers and try to think as their customers do –  by doing this they can provide exactly the right products and service and optimize the sales.

They also think about creating an army of loyal customers who keep returning to buy more and more, repeatedly.

This THINKING creates a heavy FOCUS on the TARGET CUSTOMER and makes sure that everything that customer receives from their business is exactly RIGHT and of the HIGHEST QUALITY. This includes the products, the customer service and the customer communications.


They also think differently about the MARKETING. They set out to create a STRONG BRAND through their marketing and everything else that they do.  But also they make sure that through their understanding of their TARGET CUSTOMERS, they can target them very efficiently with the RIGHT MARKETING and effectively convey the right message.


They are constantly thinking about their BUSINESS NUMBERS and they don’t leave it the accountant to tell them –  they KNOW and UNDERSTAND all their NUMBERS and they spend time analysing everything.  When the numbers change, such as sales or margins, they detect these changes immediately and take action, before problems set in.

These are just a few examples of how SMART BUSINESS THINKING is used in the businesses of the top 10%.

Smart Business Thinking Starts With The Power Of Thought

To make the change, you must first decide that you will find about 90 minutes each day to THINK about ALL PARTS of your business in a MORE CREATIVE, ANALYTICAL and INNOVATIVE WAY. Once this has become a HABIT, you will start to feel MORE FOCUSED and YOU will start to see things with GREATER CLARITY and, most importantly, you will see ways that you can make improvements to your business.

There is much more on this site about SMART BUSINESS THINKING.


If you wish to discuss this with me more fully, please email me at Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk or leave a comment below.

6 Ways To Achieve A More Positive Attitude

6 Ways To Achieve A More Positive Attitude

When asked, the most successful business people say that a strong, positive attitude has been more important to their success than their ability. Havard Business School has consistently reinforced this view by saying that a strong mental ability is more important than ability for attaining meaningful business success.

So how positive is your mental attitude?

Having a strong, positive mental attitude can give you much including having strong mental and physical energy, more clarity in your thinking and more creativity in your thinking and your actions. You will also bounce back quicker from set-backs, have a greater influence on everyone in your life, including your customers and your employees and, importantly, be less stressful.  Generally, the more positive that you are, the more successful you will be in your business.

I have found the following 6 ways work really well to create and enhance a strong, positive attitude:-

  1. Be optimistic
  2. Kick out negative thoughts
  3. Look to the future
  4. Don’t have problems but have challenges
  5. See the good in everything
  6. Learn from your mistakes


Being OPTIMISTIC is a great boost to POSITIVITY and can come from belief in your own ability to succeed and the confidence to know that you will succeed. If you have doubts about your success, keep saying to yourself: “I CAN DO THIS.”


If you have doubts in your ability, these are NEGATIVE THOUGHTS and these along with other negative thoughts will diminish your POSITIVITY. Whenever you have a negative thought enter your mind, you should think to ‘KICK IT OUT’ and replace it with a POSITIVE or a HAPPY thought.


You should always look to the future and NOT THINK about the past –  what has happened has happened and is the past and worrying about it will deflate your POSITIVITY.  Try thinking about your goals and targets in the future rather than worrying about the past.


Positive people don’t have problems, instead they have CHALLENGES and rather than thinking: “I can’t do that”, they instead think: “This is going to be difficult, but how is the best way to proceed?”


Try and think that something GOOD always comes out of something BAD and always try to see the good in everything. Life does not always go to plan and there will be set-backs and you will make mistakes, but don’t dwell on these, instead bounce back quickly and continue to move forward. You should analyse what went wrong and learn from the situation and don’t repeat the mistake.


Successful people think that failure, set-backs or mistakes are all part of learning and are part of the success process and you must think the same. Set-backs are there for a reason and you should see the good, positive side in every one.  Learn from each and move on.


It takes a short while to develop these ways, but believe me these do work when put together. Just change your thinking to be more positive and you will be surprised how much better you start to feel.

If you would like to talk more about this with me, please contact me at Robert@prestigebusinesscoaching.co.uk.

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