What Can Business Learn From Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign?

Love or hate him, Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the USA.

His campaign was very controversial, but when I analyze it, I see why he won and I have identified two very powerful aspects that brought him success:-

1. Attitude & Mindset
2. Marketing

Put together, I think both collectively were the two main reasons why he won the race and business owners can learn from both.

For the first aspect, Donald Trump demonstrated a massively strong positive attitude and mindset that made him really bullish. The backbone to his mindset was his intense belief in what he was doing and he not only believed he would win but he expected victory too.

From this, massive determination, persistence, passion and optimism were all created and these were his big drivers to keep him going. Frequently, he incurred setbacks and, a number of times, pundits wrote him off, but he kept bouncing back, demonstrating grit and resilience to keep going.

If you are to be successful in business, you need the same attitude and mindset; and the stronger and the more positive your attitude, the more successful you can be. You need belief in your ability and your eventual success and you need determination, persistence, passion and optimism to drive you forward. Also importantly, on the road to success, there will be setbacks and resilience and the ability to bounce back quickly is paramount to keep going.

For the second aspect, I think Donald Trump demonstrated a master class in marketing. He knew exactly the group of people that he was targeting and what they thought and what they wanted.

This group were the workers of America, as he kept calling them, and he knew how much they wanted change and how worried they were about jobs; as one CNBC commentator said a week for the election and I quote “This election is all about Jobs, Jobs and Jobs”

Trump knew how worried people were – worried about how many jobs had gone abroad, worried about how many jobs had been taken by immigrants and worried about how many jobs had been lost by industries closing. He also knew wages were depressed and morale was low and detected their anger about being ‘forgotten’.

He understood how they felt and what they were thinking and he told them that he understood this; he told them what they wanted to hear, but he went further – he told them what he would deliver for them and he told them what the benefits would be, if he was elected – namely, “action on jobs”

Donald Trump is a businessman and he used marketing to get to the White House. Marketing is about communicating the right message to the right people and he executed this perfectly.

Business owners must do the same if they want their marketing to work – they must know who their target customers are and they must comprehensively understand everything about them and, very importantly, understand what they want to hear and what benefits they want.

Many marketers do not have a good enough knowledge and understanding of their targets and they don’t focus enough on the benefits that customers can derive from their products or services; many businesses market the products rather than the benefit.

Only an intense knowledge and understanding of your targets and a good understanding of the benefits your targets need and communicating this in the right way will drive effective marketing.
Think about your attitude and your mindset and think about your marketing and think how you can ‘trump’ your business!

Business can copy Donald Trump's mindset and marketing from the Presidential campaign


Article Written By Robert Viney – successful entrepreneur for 30 years and business coach for 15 years

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